Giving is Living Corporate Award 2013 – DPR Construction

Congrats to DPR Construction for being the Giving is Living
Nonprofit Board Award winner!


Winning Nomination: Why is DPR so deserving of this award?  It all started back in March of 2012. 

Melissa Bargman, our contact at DPR Construction, was a former volunteer at Girls Inc. who worked with our elementary girls.  Then, she decided to bring Girls Inc. to her professional life and nominated us for DPR’s annual “Rebuild America” project.  We were selected and the planning began to completely revolutionize our Youth & Family Center in Costa Mesa and allow us to impact even more lives of the girls of Orange County.

With a group of volunteers consisting of DPR ‘s staff members and subcontractors, they donated not only hundreds of hours of their time over the course of one month, but all the supplies necessary to get the job done.  They built two classrooms so our girls can receive more one-on-one instruction on tutoring and homework help.  They build a room just for our kindergarteners to help foster their imagination and give them their own space.  They build us a tech center so our girls can have access to computer science curriculum and other STEM development activities.  They even thought about the hot summers and built outside awnings in our courtyard to shield the girls from the sun.  Not everything was cosmetic improvement, either.  DPR ensured that we had another bathroom (we only had one at the center for so long); they brought in air conditioning and heat for our staff-a luxury we have NEVER experienced; and they spent countless hours at our center working on our electrical wiring to make sure everything was just right.  DPR was so committed that they spent nearly a month at our site, volunteering their services the entire time.  At the end of the journey, they provided over $150,000 in repairs for our girls.

Not only did they so tirelessly dedicate themselves to this volunteer project, but DPR has also come along and provided a $30,000 grant for us to keep inspiring girls to be strong, smart, and bold.  Their impact is great and they have greatly affected the lives of not only the girls that we serve every single day, but us as an organization as well.  The best part is that in addition to this outright gift, there is the caveat that DPR continue to  volunteer at our Center as part of our “Green Club” which we began in their honor due to their dedication to sustainable materials and energy.  Their contractors and engineers will continue to engage the girls at our center and show them just how exciting these things can be.

DPR’s mission is “we exist to build great things.”  And let me tell you, they have done that and more for us.  They are also helping build our girls to develop into self-confident, self-sufficient women.  This corporate partner has gone above and beyond anything we have ever experienced on a volunteer level and commitment to our organization and I think they are the perfect recipient for this award.

Click here to visit DPR Construction’s website.

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