Honoree 2013 – Anne Wong

Congrats to Anne Wong for being honored as an outstanding
community volunteer!

Wong_AnneName:  Anne Wong

Nominating Organization:  Assistance League of Newport Mesa

Honoree Category:  Health

Why Nominated:   Anne Wong, Vice President of Cheri Harris Children’s Dental Health Center, is an incredibly consistent and outstanding volunteer at the Assistance League of Newport Mesa.  She has faithfully led our primary philanthropy, the Cheri Harris Children’s Dental Health Center, for the last 7 years in a volunteer post that was supposed to last for 2 years, max! 

Her love for the children we serve and her respect for the dentists and personnel who participate is visible daily.  Imagine keeping 4 dentists, 1 hygienist, 2 office personnel, and a 7-member committee on task, just for openers?  And then consider the nearly 3,000 procedures the center performs for children yearly, all of which require a chair side assistant.   Not only does Anne oversee the $300,000 plus budget, she also manages the personnel, volunteers, and then serves chair side shifts 2 or 3 days many weeks. 

We are grateful for her high level of professionalism and respect for all people.  Anne’s positive attitude and pride in the dental center is notable as she tours new members and guests through the facility, always also hoping to garner a new chair side recruit! Her energy and knowledge amaze us. 

Each year she provides a holiday dinner for all dental center employees and committee members as well as a dinner for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration training. And then she proceeds to the center and oversees the training! And of course, our center is always decorated for the next holiday and season as her biggest concern is providing a safe, friendly location where little children can feel comfortable securing the care they need.  And she never stops: on eight to ten Saturdays and Monday nights in the fall, Anne organizes the dental staff to give dental screenings to students for whom we are providing school clothes. As the Vice President of Dental, Anne is required to sit on the Board of Directors and attend all monthly Board and Chapter meetings. 

In addition, to adequately assess how our center can best serve the needy children in the Newport Mesa Unified School District, Anne attends the health consortium meetings with nurses and other support group personnel who serve the community and district. 

Anne is the mother of three children but her heart is greatly expanded and seems to encompass all the personnel and children whom we serve. It is our honor to nominate our AL of Newport Mesa Vice President volunteer Anne Wong for the Spirit of Volunteerism 2013 Award.        

Please write a note of congratulations below!


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