Honoree 2013 – Sylvia Ortega

Congrats to Sylvia Ortega for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

1OUT_VOLUNTEERINGName: Sylvia Ortega

Nominating Organization: THINK Together

Honoree Category: Education

Why Nominated:  Sylvia began working as a volunteer for THINK Together in June 2011.  For more than a year Sylvia volunteered daily in THINK Together’s Orange County Regional Office working hard to support our Director of Learning Programs and Programs & Operations team.  Sylvia’s consistent above average performance distinguished her from other volunteers and made her a relied upon member of THINK Together’s Orange County Regional Office team.  During her time here Sylvia wore many hats, including supporting Reception, providing administrative assistance for Supplemental Programs, and directing the activities for other volunteers and Federal Work Study students.  In every role Sylvia elevated the position by improving processes, setting up new systems for reporting, and leading the office volunteer team through her positive attitude and organized methods.  The dedication and hard work shown by Sylvia made her a tremendous asset to our team and should more than earn her the Spirit of Volunteerism Award for THINK Together.

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Honoree 2013 – Eduardo Hernandez

Congrats to Eduardo Hernandez for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Hernandez_EduardoName:  Eduardo Hernandez

Nominating Organization:  THINK Together 

Honoree Category:  Education

Why Nominated:  We have had the pleasure of working with Eduardo and he has come along way. He participated in the THINK Together program for many years, and once he graduated from Middle School at Villa he came back to volunteer. He has been serving his community by being a consistent positive role model/ volunteer year round.

Eduardo has supported the Summer Extended Learning Program for 2 years in a row and plans on attending this upcoming summer.  Eduardo goes above and beyond by not only as a volunteer and helping out where ever he is needed but he actually signed up Villa’s after school program to partner with an organization called “Do Something” club. This is where local teens do something to make a difference in their community.

Eduardo with the position of the Site Coordinator he organized, planned and created lessons plans to start a club.  He recruited his own middle school students for the “Do Something” club.  Once he had 52 students join this club, they chose a topic and campaigned to make a difference at their school, the topic that they chose was “Anti-bullying”.  This was very meaningful to the school day stakeholders, students, and THINK staff members. Eduardo is definitely the “6th man on the team” as the saying goes. I can go on and on about Eduardo and the passion and dedication he shows at such a young age, however it would still not speak to the volumes in which he has contributed to the Santa Ana community.

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Honoree 2013 – Mae Nishiie

Congrats to Mae Nishiie for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Nishie_MaeName:  Mae Nishiie

Nominating Organization: THINK Together  

Honoree Category: Education

Why Nominated:  We would like to nominate Mae Nishie for the Spirit of Volunteerism Award.  Mae has been volunteering for THINK Together at Highland Learning Center since the site first opened, late 1990’s. She has been a faithful volunteer dedicated to the students week in and week out.

Since Mae has a nursing background she’s made herself available to teach a CPR class to THINK Together staff at THINK Together’s Orange County Regional Office when she is able to.  Mae also shared about nursing during one of our Career Days.   Mae supports the site during special events like Fun Friday Clubs where she has shared about Japan and its culture, she attended our End of Year Luau where she assisted with games, playing the ukulele and teaching a hula dance to the students.

Recently, Mae has been showing up an additional day each week to volunteer in the homework room on the days we have less or no volunteers and this has been extremely helpful.  Mae is always supportive and has such a positive attitude.  The staff and students at Highland Learning Center really appreciate Mae’s time and dedication from year to year and this is why we would like to nominate her for this  award.

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Honoree 2013 – Victoria Chaisson

Congrats to Victoria Chaisson for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Chaisson_VictoriaName:  Victornia Chaisson

Nominating Organization:  Canning Hunger

Honoree Category:  Human & Community

Why Nominated:  Victoria Chaisson is a powerhouse of human advocacy.  She has faithfully given of her time, talent, and treasure for years to help improve the lives of others. Through fundraising, networking, volunteerism, personal support, and instigating change in her community in creative ways, Victoria gives to others, and inspires others to give as well.  Her positive attitude and faith help to make her the woman we love and respect.

Victoria has volunteered with Canning Hunger for many years, helping to feed hungry kids and their families in our local communities by organizing food drives, such as “Box of Love”, in her workplace that have resulted in over 75,000 meals for needy individuals.  She has also been the catalyst for numerous other organizations to join in the quest of reducing hunger and hunger related causes in Orange County

Canning Hunger is blessed to have Victoria Chaisson as a volunteer on the front lines with us in the fight against hunger.

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Honoree 2013 – Margaret Lin

Congrats to Margaret Lin for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Lin_MargaretName: Margaret Lin

Nominating Organization: KidWorks

Honoree Category: Human & Community

Why Nominated:  Margaret Lin has been a volunteer with KidWorks over the past 2 1/2 years serving over 175 hours in our after school programs. Margaret currently leads an arts and crafts workshop for our Kinder-3rd grade students, teaching them different skills from pointillism paintings to crafting pine cone bird feeders to creating cactus gardens. Her time and dedication to our students has been invaluable in promoting one of our four pillars- arts and academics. The staff, children and families at KidWorks would like to thank Margaret for her service, commitment, and generosity of spirit.

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Honoree Team 2013 – CCi OD Team

Congrats to CCi OD Team for being honored as an outstanding community volunteers! CCIOD_Team

Team Name: CCi OD Team

Team Members: Erin English & CCi OD Team

Nominating Organization: CCi

Honoree Category: Education

Why Nominated:  CCi OD Team has consistently served the Orange County community for the past four years, both as a team and as individuals. They have worked as a team to provide record-setting food donations to several food banks in Orange County along with their work with the Children’s Auxiliary. They are a dedicated passionate team of professionals who truly give back to their community!

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Honoree Team 2013 – Fullerton Police Department RSVP Program

Congrats to Fullerton Police Department RSVP Program for being honored as an outstanding community volunteers!1OUT_VOLUNTEERING

Team Name: Fullerton Police Department RSVP Program

Team Members: Juanita  Juarez, Robert  Bernstein, Mary Beyer, David A.C. Everitt, Gene Figoni, Barbara  Giasone, Eleanor Grainger, Kathryn  Katz, Bernard Kotkin, John Kunselman, Frank  Loiacano, LaRee Miner, Frances Mueller, Faye Phillips, Myron Roberts, Aki Tanaka, Lorraine Turissini, Steve Zerga & Betty Ziegler

Nominating Organization: Fullerton Police Department

Honoree Category: Law Enforcement

Why Nominated: They have gone above and beyond what is expected of them each and every day.  They put the citizens of Fullerton first above their needs. Its been a very difficult year and each one of them never wavered in their commitment to their duty as a representative of the police department.

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