Honoree 2013 – Heather Herd

Congrats to Heather Herd for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

2010_basic_copyrightName:  Heather Herd

Nominating Organization:  Rutan & Tucker

Honoree Category:  Corporate

Why Nominated:  Heather Herd brings a wealth of information and expertise as a lawyer on the Board of OneOC.  She is consistently concerned with the well-being of her clients including OneOC and provides knowledge and consultation to both the law firm she works for and as a Board Member of OneOC.

Heather has been a member of the Board of Directors of OneOC since 2007. She is the Chair of OneOC’s Business and Finance Committee, is a member of its Governance Committee, and regularly advises OneOC on various legal matters.

In her corporate life, Heather has significant experience representing lenders – both banks as well as individuals and other entities – in disputes with debtors, particularly in the context of personal guarantees of real estate secured loans involving the California anti-deficiency and “one form of action” rules. She also represents lenders in various stages of the receivership process related to loans secured by income-producing real estate. As an extension of her trial practice, Ms. Herd is also closely involved in the appellate process.

She somehow finds the time to be a powerful lawyer, a community builder for OneOC and manages time to care for two young children.

Please write a note of congratulations below!


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