Honoree 2013 – Howard Mirowitz

Congrats to Howard Mirowitz for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!


Nominating Organization:  Jewish Federation & Family Services

Honoree Category:  Human & Community

Why Nominated:  Howard Mirowitz is the Treasurer of Jewish Federation & Family Services’ Finance Committee (JFFS).
He has served in this capacity, as a member of the JFFS Board and Executive Committee, and as Chair of the JFFS Finance Committee in the years 2012 to the present, Co-Treasurer of the Board in 2011,  and has been an active member of the Finance Committee for the last 10 years.  During his tenure, he has helped Jewish Federation through its complex merger with Family Services.  In addition, he has worked with several of our community partner agencies to develop their financial plans, create and balance realistic budgets and sustain their fiduciary responsibility to their donors.

In the absence of our Chief Financial Officer during the 2013 budget process, Howard stepped in and completely oversaw the process.  He worked with our financial and campaign staff in budget preparations and led the entire process successfully presenting the budget to JFFS’ Finance Committee, the Executive Board and Board of Directors for approval.  He also spearheaded the successful search for a new CFO.
During this time, Howard adjusted his personal schedule in order to be in the office daily, helping to manage all our financial accounts and working with staff to develop an understanding of new procedures.

In the last 3 years, Jewish Federation & Family Services has been awarded 4 stars by Charity Navigator.  Howard led us to this unprecedented rating.  (Fewer than 9% of nonprofits reviewed by Charity Navigator have received this more than 2 years in a row.)

In 2012, Howard spearheaded the development of the Montefiore Society, a JFFS affinity group for financial service professionals.  Through Howard’s vision in leading the Montefiore Society, members of our community come together to network, engage in educational programs and to give back philanthropically.

Howard performs his volunteer duties with commitment and passion.  He truly believes in the work of Jewish Federation & Family Services. Howard’s character and integrity truly represent all the values of our organization and he is a role model to many.  He is a team player and a patient teacher.  As a leader in our community, Howard has made a difference not only within our organization, but also to the hundreds of people who we serve in Orange County.

Jewish Federation & Family Services is honored to nominate Howard Mirowitz for the “Spirit of Volunteerism” award.

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6 thoughts on “Honoree 2013 – Howard Mirowitz

  1. Howard – You are an amazing guy…and very much appreciated for your incredible volunteerism…and humbleness.

  2. Congratulations Howard…well deserved. You give a lot to our community so I am pleased to see you are being recognized. I will see you at the event.

  3. Congratulations Howard! The award could not have gone to a more fitting recipient. Your extraordinary volunteerism and professionalism should be a model to many others in our community – and always done with a smile.. I am so happy that you are being recognized publicly.

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