Honoree 2013 – Ted Urbanski

Congrats to Ted Urbanski for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Urbanski_TedName:  Ted Urbanski

Nominating Organization:  OC Community Resources, OC Parks

Honoree Category:  Animals & Envionment

Why Nominated:  Ted has gone above and beyond any other volunteer at the park with over 1,800 hours of service during the past 4 years.  He has faithfully every month worked diligently on Habitat Restoration of our grounds at Peters Canyon Regional Park.  He has focused on several areas of the park but most recently on the parking lot perimeter, enhancing over 8 acres of natural native landscaping at the park.

The “Front Door” to the park:  This area has been impacted by an increase of park visitors the past couple of years and Ted has taken the lead with his dedication and enthusiasm to another level.  Ted has planted over 2,000 Native plants throughout the park which has motivated others to join our Community Team.  Park visitors are constantly raving about Ted and his dedicated passion for restoration enhancement and his efforts, with comments like “Who did all of this” and “Who is that guy” He does not just stop there, he then takes the imitative to care and nourish what has been planted, a reflection on his pride of ownership towards his community.  Ted has addressed the need O.C. Parks and Peters Canyon Regional Park has needed; a committed volunteer that gets things done, either with a group of volunteers or by himself.  Ted has fulfilled OC Parks core values, Community Service; he serves to improve the quality of people’s lives.  He is a steward, takes responsibility to preserve the natural resources of O.C.  He is an inspiration to our staff and to all those that visit. 

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