Honoree 2013 – Raul Saralegui

Congrats to Raul Saralegui for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Saralegui_RaulName:  Raul Saralegui

Nominating Organization:  Boys & Girls Clubs of Capistrano Valley

Honoree Category:  Education

Why Nominated:  When someone donates a handful of time to their community, the difference it makes for others is tremendous. Raul Saralegui is one of those volunteers that have made a difference at the Boys & Girls Club of Capistrano Valley, Aliso Viejo Branch. He has been committed to the Club for over 6 years. He motivates our members to do their best on their homework and helps them realize the importance of their education. When he works with our members, his goal is to have them advance to where they can reason and work problems by themselves. He is patient and understanding to the needs of our members. I am glad to have a volunteer like Raul at our Boys & Girls Club.

Please write a note of congratulations below!


4 thoughts on “Honoree 2013 – Raul Saralegui

  1. Congratulations Raul! You are a great role model for your students. Especially the boys. They need to see a successful male adult in their life. Thank you for what you are doing. Jim & Joan Burge

  2. Congratulations Raul! Thank you for spending numerous hours at our club, the members really enjoy doing their homework with you! Your assistance and continued encouragement inspires young kids to do better in school. Again, congratulations on being recognized for your great work!

  3. Congratulations Raul… Thank you so much for helping the members on improving their grades and helping them succeed on their education. Thank you.

  4. You certainly deserve the recognition for your volunteerism at the Aliso Viejo Boys and Girls Club. The youngsters have benefitted from your dedication to their school success. Congratulations!

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