Honoree 2013 – Margarita Solazzo

Congrats to Margarita Solazzo for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Solazzo_MargaritaName:  Margarita Solazzo

Nominating Organization:  Mission Hospital Foundation

Honoree Category:  Health

Why Nominated:  Margarita is a busy working mom who makes time to help others through her volunteer involvement at Mission Hospital as well as many other organizations. Her philosophy “Always give more than you can take” is evident through her volunteer leadership at Mission Hospital. Her participation on the Foundation Board of Directors and her service as past chair of the Valiant Women Board, a group dedicated to raising funds and awareness for Women’s Services at Mission, truly makes a difference in the lives of people in her community. 

Please write a note of congratulations below!


8 thoughts on “Honoree 2013 – Margarita Solazzo

  1. We are grateful that you choose to devote so much time and energy in support of Mission Hospital. Your professionalism and calm demeanor are excellent examples for all of us, as well as your children! Thank you Margarita!

  2. Margarita, congratulations on your Spirit of Volunteerism Award! You are an incredible volunteer and we are so fortunate to have you in our family!

    • Margarita, I can think of no one more deserving of this award than you for your tireless efforts on behalf of Mission and so many other organizations which are the recipients of your passionate involvement. Thank you for being the very special person that you are.

  3. Margarita – thank you for all the ways you share your gifts which directly impacts our community every day! Enjoy this special recognition!! Lisa

  4. Margarita, I knew, when I first met you, that we would be fortunate to have you involved at Mission Hospital. Your leadership is like a perfect diamond….full of sparkle and depth, delicate and strong, challenging and supportive of what you believe in and a symbol of commitment. We are so fortunate to be the recipients of your spirit of giving. Thank you!

  5. Kathleen Krogius
    I am honored to call Margarita my fellow Valiant Women and friend! You are so deserving of this and more.

    Love and Respect to you!

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