Honoree Team 2013 – Dance Promise

Congrats to Dance Promise for being honored as an outstanding community volunteers!


Team Name: Dance Promise

Team Members: Ryan Chen, Bree Navarro, Caroline Eastman, Keira Monuki, Lauren Melnik & Victoria Pham

Nominating Organization: Girls Incorporated of Orange County 

Honoree Category: Arts

Why Nominated: Girls Incorporated of Orange County is a nonprofit after school program designed specifically for girls.  Out motto is to inspire girls to be Strong, Smart, and Bold.  Dance Promise helps incorporate this motto in the classes they teach.  Each week we can rely on Dance Promise to not only show up for programming but to incorporate fun, new ideas to keep our girls engaged.  Having someone teach the girls dancing is a creative outlet for our girls to express themselves and get rid of built up stress.  Dance Promise has volunteered at our center over the last few years and it has been truly an honor to associate Dance Promise with the Girls Inc. organization.

Dance Promise has also been rigorously working with the same group of girls all year to put on an end of the year performance for the rest of the participants, their parents, and all of our Girls Inc. staff.  We can’t wait to see the final product!

Please write a note of congratulations below!


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