Honoree Team 2013 – GOCI

Congrats to GOCI for being honored as an outstanding community volunteers!1OUT_VOLUNTEERING

Team Name: GOCI

Team Members: Brenda Hale & GOCI

Nominating Organization:  Union Bank

Honoree Category: Human & Community

Why Nominated: Here at Union Bank and in the Greater Orange County Central Empire we take our commitment to the next level. We believe in the company’s vision that we support ideals of a world where everyone has a decent place to live, good health, education and support.

We view our work as successful when it transforms lives and promotes positive and lasting social, economic and spiritual change within a community; when it is based on mutual trust and fully shared accomplishment; and when it demonstrates responsible stewardship of all resources entrusted to us.

Giving back to the communities we serve is a key priority at Union Bank. In addition to donations, grants, and philanthropic efforts, our employees act as the face, heart, and soul of the bank in a wide range of community activities, ranging from financial literacy to health-related causes such as joining forces in 2012 with The American Heart Association, Habitat for Humanity’s and giving volunteer time to Organizations such as The Kristie Foundation.

Union Bank employees in the Greater Orange County Area put their hearts into collecting over $130 per employee and each branch donating over $1,200 to reach a donation from the GOCI Division of $104,000. We believe in the great work of the Heart Association to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Educating the communities we work and live in is just another way we can participate in greater forces for building healthier communities; it’s giving back!
Our involvement with Habitat for Humanity’s involved over 20 of our Orange County employees to step up and stand behind our commitment to better living in the communities we work and live in. Garden Grove was a selected area that we joined forces and spent the day turning a shelter into a home.

An area we also take serious is giving ourselves with volunteer hours, donations and knowledge is non-profit organizations. In 2012 over 110 employees in the GOCI area worked collectively approximately 800 hours to support The Kristi Foundation. Kristie’s Foundation is dedicated to the mission of providing support, assistance and cherished moments to critically ill children and their families through fundraising events, donations and grants; Union Bank Orange County employees was there to help with their largest fundraiser of the year, The Festival.

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