Honoree Team 2013 – Joe McGhie and Preston Fetrow

Congrats to Joe McGhie and Preston Fetrow for being honored as an outstanding community volunteers!


Team Name: Joe McGhie and Preston Fetrow

Team Members: Joe McGhie & Preston Fetrow

Nominating Organization: KidWorks

Honoree Category: Human & Community

Why Nominated: Preston and Joe are both outstanding volunteers.  Their service on KidWorks’  Fund Development Committee has made a huge impact on our organization.  Preston and Joe have been instrumental in launching this year’s  inaugural KidWorks Classic Golf Tournament  which will take place in late April.   The golf tournament will raise over $100,000 to support after school programs for over 800 youth and their families who are served weekly at KidWorks.  Both Preston and Joe have been eager to help and willing to serve the children and families at KidWorks.   Each has introduced KidWorks to several new corporate partners and with their commitment and dedication, this year’s golf tournament is sure to be an event to remember.  Preston and Joe are great role models for other volunteers and  KidWorks is grateful for their commitment and servant leadership.

Please write a note of congratulations below!


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