Honoree Team 2013 – Komen’s Heavy Lifters, Paul Watts and Bob Davis

Congrats to Komen’s Heavy Lifters, Paul Watts and Bob Davis for being honored as an outstanding community volunteers!KomenheavyliftersPaulnBob_Team

Team Name: Komen’s Heavy Lifters, Paul Watts and Bob Davis

Team Members: Julie Guevara, Paul Watts & Bob Davis

Nominating Organization:  Susan G. Komen for the Cure Orange County Affiliate

Honoree Category: Human & Community

Why Nominated:  Paul Watts and Bob Davis are recipients of the Komen Heavy Lifters Award.  Paul Watts and Bob Davis have been Race for the Cure Parking Co-Captains for years.  Their responsibilities included working with the Race production team and shuttle bus coordinator to recruit parking area leads and to design the overall parking and shuttle route plan.  They direct race participants, VIPs, volunteers and vendors to park in the appropriate parking lots and provide ancillary information.  They maintain continual communication with all parking leads to troubleshoot parking and traffic control issues and keep the traffic enforcement personnel briefed on all concerns.

On Race day, this job encompassed supervising 12 Area Parking Captains in addition to 100 volunteers from 4:00 a.m. until the end of the Race at noon.  During the campaign, many months are spent attending numerous meetings with the City of Newport Beach, law enforcement personnel and lead volunteers to refine parking procedures/logistics and proactively troubleshoot possible parking and traffic control scenarios.  They personally recruited over 20 skilled volunteers to work Race day.

Paul and Bob went beyond the job description above as they applied learning’s from every year to the subsequent year.  They spent hours developing an elaborate PowerPoint presentation that included detailed GPS maps of all the parking areas along with directions and post locations for all lead volunteers.  They also made site visits to the various locations to determine feasibility of parking and space counts as well as to determine the status of construction in various areas.  They assembled and placed additional parking directional signage and traffic equipment to ensure the best possible experience for everyone entering and exiting the area.

At peak parking times, this job can be very stressful as they are dealing with the public.  They have gone above and beyond by exhibiting a law enforcement level of customer service that espouses safety, service and support for everyone. They excelled at treating people with dignity and respect regardless of how many stressful encounters took place.  Komen is fortunate to have such dedicated men volunteering for us.

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