Honoree Team 2013 – Social Action Committee

Congrats to Social Action Committee for being honored as an outstanding community volunteers!Social Action Team_Tapestry_TEAM

Team Name: Social Action Committee

Team Members: Beverly Huff & Jan Meslin

Nominating Organization:  Tapestry, A Unitarian Universalist Congregation

Honoree Category: Human & Community

Why Nominated:  Beverly Huff is Chair of the Social Action Committee at Tapestry, a Unitarian-Universalist Congregation in Mission Viejo. It is through her dedication and diligence that we are able to give credence to two of our main principles (belief in the inherent worth and dignity of every person and the promotion of justice, equity and compassion in human relations) and participate in service to Orange County. Beverly has recruited more volunteers to the Social Action Committee than any other committee in our small congregation. One of the primary efforts this year has been the creation of Friends of Orange County Detainees Visitation Program. Her organizational skills have led to the recruitment, training and scheduling of 33 volunteers, including both Tapestry members and volunteers from the community. Other social action efforts include participation in Big Sunday, partially in alliance with Orange County Islamic Foundation.  Beverly has served Tapestry in numerous capacities over the years, including Vice President of Finance, Stewardship Chair, grant writer and Green Sanctuary Chair.

Jan Meslin has led Tapestry in the area of social action/social justice, and by extension Orange County, for a number of years. She has been the primary “mover and shaker” in the creation of Friends of Orange County Detainees Visitation Program. This program is designed to end the isolation experienced by men, women and children being held in immigration detention facilities. Since they are not in criminal custody, these men and women are not be afforded a free phone call or a court-appointed attorney. Instead, they can languish for weeks, months, and sometimes years in county jails and private prisons far away from family, friends and a community of support. As one member states: “It is such a simple thing to do. Go talk to someone for thirty minutes. That this small thing can make such a difference to someone is really humbling. It brings humanity back to the forefront where it belongs. We forget that in our busy, busy lives sometimes.” Jan has leadership roles for the Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry – CA. Additionally, she is on the OCCCO board. The Orange County Congregation Community Organization is the local affiliate for the interfaith community organizing group PICO. She also co-chairs the Orange County chapter of Healthcare for All-CA, a grassroots group working for a single payer healthcare system.

We are extremely proud of the efforts and Beverly and Jan in putting our principles into actions.

Please write a note of congratulations below!


5 thoughts on “Honoree Team 2013 – Social Action Committee

  1. Dear Jan and Bev,

    Thank you for all you do for Tapestry and Orange County. Your tireless efforts have helped to put Tapestry UU Congregation on the map as a faith community that lives it’s values and principles. Congratulations on this richly deserved award! Sheila Raymond

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