Honoree Team 2013 – The Unidos Contra el Cancer de Seno Coalition (Unidos)

Congrats to The Unidos Contra el Cancer de Seno Coalition (Unidos) for being honored as an outstanding community volunteers!Unidos_Team

Team Name: The Unidos Contra el Cancer de Seno Coalition (Unidos)

Team Members: Ambrosia Lopez & Unidos Contra el Cancer de Seno Coalition

Nominating Organization:  Susan G. Komen for the Cure Orange County Affiliate

Honoree Category: Human & Community

Why Nominated:  Unidos is the recipient of the Outstanding Volunteer Group Award for Susan G. Komen for the Cure Orange County Affiliate.  The Unidos Contra el Cancer de Seno Coalition (Unidos) was created in 2009 to address breast cancer disparities between Latina’s and non-Latina’s in Orange County.   Unidos was charged in creating culturally appropriate outreach strategies to reach, educate and link Latino women to screening services.   Since Unidos was formed it has continued to cultivate new members and has delivered innovative and impactful programs that reach Latino women where they live, work, shop, and pray. Through the work of Unidos in the past three years we have reached and educated approximately 14,124 high risk Latino women and have linked 1,405 to screening and diagnostic services.  Unidos has also maintained 21 active members and continues to recruit members at our Annual Roundtable, bimonthly meetings and community events.  The Unidos members are active volunteers at outreach events, healing masses and onsite mammography screenings.

In order to continue to make a meaningful impact, the Coalition recently embarked on a strategic planning process to create a comprehensive and focused three year action plan. As part of the strategic plan, there is an emphasis on creating a more coordinated and effective coalition structure that ensures accountability and action of all its members to achieve the desired outcomes. One of the desired outcomes of the strategic plan is to increase the capacity of providers to appropriately refer and navigate women into breast health care services. Through the work of the Coalition, it was identified that many health care and community providers are unaware of the breast health care services available to uninsured low income women in Orange County regardless of immigration status. This objective can only be accomplished as a collective effort with reliance on the member’s connections and access to providers, as well as, their expertise on developing an appropriate training curriculum and toolkit of resources, and ensuring widespread implementation of the trainings of providers in the surrounding area of Santa Ana and Anaheim.

Unidos members have gone beyond the call of duty to donate their time and expertise in helping reduce the disparities for Latino women.  They Coalition continues to grow in membership and members are participating in more outreach events and volunteering opportunities.  This group has demonstrated their passion and commitment to advancing Komen’s mission.

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