Honoree 2013 – Aaron Liao

Congrats to Aaron Liao for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

aaron nom picName:  Aaron Liao

Nominating Organization:  American Red Cross Orange County Chapter

Honoree Category:  Human & Community

Why Nominated:  Aaron first came to the American Red Cross through a corprate partnership volunteer opportunity with his employer, Microsoft at Children’s Safety Festival.  He was so touched by the event and the work of the Red Cross that he didn’t hesitate when asked to be a part of the Red Cross’s Club Red committee.  Aaron quickly proved to be a leader amongst the group – willingly taking on the responsibilty of planning Club Red’s second event and helping to connect the bridge between Microsoft and Red Cross.  Aaron has been diligent in ensuring that his employer supports his commitment to the Red Cross through their volunteer hours matching program.  I am certain that Aaron will be a dedicated long time Red Cross volunteer and supporter.

Aaron is always willing to share his passion for the American Red Cross mission  with his peers, inviting them to be a part of Club Red and encouraging them to engage in other volunteer opportunities.  Amongst the Club Red committee, Aaron is well respected as a leader and his commitment to the success of the group is encouraging to others.  Aaron has not only been a great asset to Club Red, but also the American Red Cross as a whole.  We are proud to have Aaron has a volunteer with the American Red Cross.

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9 thoughts on “Honoree 2013 – Aaron Liao

  1. Aaron, we’re so proud to have you as part of the Red Cross. Whether you are partnering with the youth during the Children’s Safety Festival, taking a disaster course, or providing leadership to our Club Red, you are always serving in a meaningful and impactful way. Thank you for your service and commitment!

  2. Aaron- A very special thank you and congratulations for all you do for the Orange County American Red Cross! More then a pleasure to serve with you! See you at lunch!- Madelyn

  3. I has been such an honor to work with you and the Club Red Team! Thank you for your enthusiasm, professionalism and volunteer spirit. The Red Cross is lucky to have your committment.

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