Honoree 2013 – Eduardo Hernandez

Congrats to Eduardo Hernandez for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Hernandez_EduardoName:  Eduardo Hernandez

Nominating Organization:  THINK Together 

Honoree Category:  Education

Why Nominated:  We have had the pleasure of working with Eduardo and he has come along way. He participated in the THINK Together program for many years, and once he graduated from Middle School at Villa he came back to volunteer. He has been serving his community by being a consistent positive role model/ volunteer year round.

Eduardo has supported the Summer Extended Learning Program for 2 years in a row and plans on attending this upcoming summer.  Eduardo goes above and beyond by not only as a volunteer and helping out where ever he is needed but he actually signed up Villa’s after school program to partner with an organization called “Do Something” club. This is where local teens do something to make a difference in their community.

Eduardo with the position of the Site Coordinator he organized, planned and created lessons plans to start a club.  He recruited his own middle school students for the “Do Something” club.  Once he had 52 students join this club, they chose a topic and campaigned to make a difference at their school, the topic that they chose was “Anti-bullying”.  This was very meaningful to the school day stakeholders, students, and THINK staff members. Eduardo is definitely the “6th man on the team” as the saying goes. I can go on and on about Eduardo and the passion and dedication he shows at such a young age, however it would still not speak to the volumes in which he has contributed to the Santa Ana community.

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