Honoree 2013 – Mae Nishiie

Congrats to Mae Nishiie for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Nishie_MaeName:  Mae Nishiie

Nominating Organization: THINK Together  

Honoree Category: Education

Why Nominated:  We would like to nominate Mae Nishie for the Spirit of Volunteerism Award.  Mae has been volunteering for THINK Together at Highland Learning Center since the site first opened, late 1990’s. She has been a faithful volunteer dedicated to the students week in and week out.

Since Mae has a nursing background she’s made herself available to teach a CPR class to THINK Together staff at THINK Together’s Orange County Regional Office when she is able to.  Mae also shared about nursing during one of our Career Days.   Mae supports the site during special events like Fun Friday Clubs where she has shared about Japan and its culture, she attended our End of Year Luau where she assisted with games, playing the ukulele and teaching a hula dance to the students.

Recently, Mae has been showing up an additional day each week to volunteer in the homework room on the days we have less or no volunteers and this has been extremely helpful.  Mae is always supportive and has such a positive attitude.  The staff and students at Highland Learning Center really appreciate Mae’s time and dedication from year to year and this is why we would like to nominate her for this  award.

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