Honoree 2013 – Rick Campo

Congrats to Rick Campo for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Campo_RickName: Rick Campo

Nominating Organization: Illumination Foundation 

Honoree Category: Human & Community

Why Nominated:  The Illumination Foundation would like to honor Rick Campo of West-Tech Materials for his dedication of service and benevolent heart. Since August of 2012, Rick has partnered with the Illumination Foundation to establish a Sunday School enrichment program for the homeless children at a local Costa Mesa motel. Every Sunday, Rick brings several volunteers and his trusty mouse puppet, “Charlie” to engage in group mentorship activities. The children learn songs from Rick which encourage kindness and goodwill, participate in positive decision-making activities, and end their time together with a nutritious snack. The children have come to know and love Rick; they anticipate their Sundays with him. On many occasions, children have told Illumination Foundation staff that he is the best part of their weekend. Due to Rick’s tireless and consistent mentorship, parents have seen marked improvements in their children’s behavior and emotional well-being. The Illumination Foundation is forever grateful for Rick Campo’s dedication to our mission to end homelessness with his heartfelt work with the children we serve.

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