Honoree 2014 – Larry Larson

Congrats to Larry Larson for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Larson_LarryName: Larry Larson

Nominating Organization:  Laguna Niguel Police Services  

Honoree Category:  Law Enforcement

Why Nominated:  Larry Larson has been with Laguna Niguel Police Auxiliary Citizens Team since 2007. Larry is a dedicated volunteer who serves with a warm heart and a wonderful demeanor. Larry not only volunteers for our regular patrol but often volunteers extra time to work our special events on weekends and evenings. Larry also plays a large role in placing and moving our speed radar trailers which helps free up law enforcement staff for other duties and tasks. Larry is always willing to fill in if a vacancy becomes available for an open shift. |In addition to Larry’s professional service, Larry assists his fellow volunteers outside of work offering a helping hand and ministering to needs they may have. I am honored to work with Larry and I ask that he be honored for his service, dedication and servant’s heart.



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