Honoree 2014 – Virginia DePaola

Congrats to Virginia DePaola for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

DePaola_VirginiaName: Virginia DePaola

Nominating Organization:  Wells Fargo

Honoree Category:  Human & Community

Why Nominated:  Virginia donates her spare time to many organizations including; Special Olympics SO Cal, Grandma’s House of Hope, Knights of Columbus, Ronald McDonald House, American Red Cross and many, many more. In addition to Virginia’s full time job at Wells Fargo she leads and coordinates the volunteer events at Wells Fargo. She has coordinated 82 volunteer events in 2013 and personally logged over 350 volunteer hours.  Virginia now sits on the board of Grandma’s House of Hope and is bringing together Wells Fargo Volunteers to Nana’s Kids and Grandma’s House.  Virginia is an inspiration to all she unselfishly gives of her time a talent.

Please write a note of congratulations below!

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