Honoree 2014 – Anna Garzya

Congrats to Anna Garzya for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Garzya_AnnaName:  Anna Garzya

Nominating Organization:  Council on Aging Orange County 

Honoree Category:  Human & Community

Why Nominated:  Anna Garzya first came to the ReConnect Socialization Program at the Council on Aging-OC as a Graduate intern in the Masters of Science in Gerontology Program at California State University of Fullerton. When I first learned that Anna was blind, I was concerned that she may have difficulties completing the responsibilities that an intern must complete. Then when I had an opportunity to meet with Anna in person to discuss the internship and the opportunities we had for her I realized that all my concerns were quickly laid to rest. It was clear that she was very independent and capable of successfully completing the responsibilities we would give her. It was easy to see that she had a passion for helping individuals in the community and I knew that our program would benefit from having such a knowledgeable, caring, and skilled individual. Anna quickly became an asset to the ReConnect program and we wanted her to continue to work with us. We made sure to utilize her education as a MFT intern and soon to be MSG by incorporating her skills into the program. During her time with us she has provided individual socialization support to participants in the program, has conducted our English as a second language class, and our Peer Support Group.  In addition, she has identified a counseling need for individuals in different stages of adapting to their disabilities and in conjunction with our clinical supervisor, developed, and will be implementing one on one counseling for program participants. She is an advocate who pursues and challenges social injustices for the needy.  Anna is a shinning example to other professionals working in the human service field and participants/clients. She has showed me how important it is to understand the populations we work with and to continuously strive to improve service delivery.  Anna thank you for all of your dedication and hard work you have put into serving others and making an impact at the Council on Aging, Reconnect Program.

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2 thoughts on “Honoree 2014 – Anna Garzya

  1. Hi Anna, Watched a couple of your YouTube videos. Started watching them on behalf of my Mom. She is pretty much blind now. Have been trying to help any way I can. She is pretty much in denial. Bought her a watch that tells time. Wanting to get other helps for her yet she won’t use them. Would you mind emailing me?! Thanks and God Bless. Sandi E.

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