Honoree 2014 – Marilyn Davidson

Congrats to Marilyn Davidson for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Davidson_MarilynName:  Marilyn Davidson

Nominating Organization: Assistance League Huntington Beach     

Honoree Category:  Human & Community

Why Nominated:  Marilyn Davidson joined our organization in 2003 and hit the floor running. In the last 10 years of volunteer service she has held many positions within Assistance League a nonprofit volunteer organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for children and adults in this community.  She is currently Chairman of our Thrift Shop which is the major fundraiser for our 15 philanthropic programs.  Last year we returned a little more than $450,000 to the community in scholarships, new clothing, and other services.  Without her extraordinary service to Huntington Beach and Assistance League that would not have been possible.  She manages 200+ volunteers in the operation of this Thrift Shop which requires a lot of training and oversight. Without the excellent leadership and true concern for those in need in our community we would not have been able to touch so many lives in so many positive ways.

Currently, as Thrift Shop Chairman, she gives 110% of her energy and time as well as her talent for getting things organized and encouraging other volunteers to this fundraising arm of our organization.  Since taking on the responsibility of Thrift Shop Chairman, we have grown our sales 30%. Our store has excellent customer appeal and she continues to organize the other volunteers to provide a good service to all those that cross our path.  Her eye for detail has been part of that development.  When she was President in 2008-2009, we began looking to the future of this growing organization and Marilyn was instrumental in this growth. She helped us focus on the need for more space for membership to meet and work space for our store and goods received.  She spent time developing better training practices for new and seasoned volunteers.  Her strong leadership and kind manner helped bring volunteers together and encouraged us all to move into new areas of need in our community.  She has been a hardworking and gracious mentor for all the women in Assistance League.

As President, Marilyn used chapter members to provide training to new Board Members.  This allowed her to utilize the talents of current members that had a great deal of expertise in specific areas such as banking, education, property management to educate our incoming leaders.  By using this talent, we know have programs designed to create leaders among our volunteers.  The growth in confidence allows us to utilize everyone’s talents.  As Treasurer of our Chapter she introduced the QuickBooks technology to improve the efficiencies in this position.  Being all volunteer, this made a huge difference in the time that a volunteer would have to spend in what could be a fulltime-plus position.  She was an excellent role model and teacher of others that would eventually take over this position.  She continues to sit on our Finance Committee and was instrumental in preparing our first Investment Policy.  Her time on the Committee has given her opportunity to again mentor those that wanted to know more about these positions and she offered encouragement to new members. Marilyn makes it look like fun and has such a calm and nurturing demeanor that she has been able to help new members find their voice and confidence to keep our organization in the forefront of meeting the needs of those less fortunate right here at home.

She served on our Strategic Planning Committee creating pathways to grow our services and meet the changing needs of our community as well as the needs of our facility and membership Marilyn has worked on the following programs throughout the last 10 years:

Operation School Bell® a program to supply children, referred to us through the school systems, new school clothes and shoes promoting self-esteem in our young people.  Links to Learning HB – This committee reviews applications from teachers in the surrounding school districts to provide them with all types of classroom enrichment programs.  This can be for field trips, computers or tech products, books, any program that will assist the teachers.  Marilyn Davidson has been a champion of leadership development.  In the last 10 years of volunteer service she has held many positions within Assistance League.  In this period of time Marilyn has been on the forefront of ideas and leadership training for our women volunteers. Marilyn has developed training programs and manuals and set up templates that would make the job a bit easier for those that come after her.  She also has a talent to see potential in new volunteers and approach them with opportunities to grow in understanding of the nonprofit volunteer business and give them leadership roles as well as support to grow in their areas of interest.

We are proud to nominate such a dedicated person as Marilyn Davidson.

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