Honoree 2014 – Maureen Moyer

Congrats to Maureen Moyer for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Moyer_MaureenName:  Maureen Moyer

Nominating Organization:  CASA of Orange County     

Honoree Category:  Human & Community

Why Nominated:  Maureen Moyer has been an outstanding CASA advocate assigned to one youth for almost 11 years!  Within this time, she has tirelessly advocated for her youth’s social, emotional and educational needs.  Maureen has also built a solid, nurturing and unconditional relationship with this now young lady. Maureen has always made herself available to this youth.  Maureen’s dedication to and enthusiasm for the mission of CASA has always been evident in the professionalism she has exuded. She has excelled in her role as a CASA and the collaborative effort she has made with community partners over the years to ensure the best outcome for her CASA youth.

Your CASA team applauds you!

Please write a note of congratulations below!


5 thoughts on “Honoree 2014 – Maureen Moyer

  1. Maureen, thank you for your untiring commitment and support for your CASA youth. You’re amazing! Lynda Perring

  2. You truly are an incredible advocate! Thank you for your endless dedication to CASA. We appreciate you beyond words!!!

  3. Maureen, you are a true professional who works endlessly toward getting what is in the child’s best interest. You are a wonderful representation of CASA and we are so glad we have had you for so many years and hope for many more! Thank you for your commitment!

  4. Congratulations Maureen! You are truly deserving of this award. Your tireless efforts as a CASA have benefited your CASA child tremendously. You are an inspiration to all!

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