Honoree 2014 – Amy Spencer

Congrats to Amy Spencer for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Spencer_AmyName:  Amy Spencer

Nominating Organization:  Families Forward   

Honoree Category:  Human & Community

Why Nominated:  Amy Spencer has been a part of Families Forward for 13 years. She has worked with us in many different areas of our agency over the years, and has made a lasting impact. Her journey with Families Forward began in 2001 when she joined our Program Committee. She attended monthly meetings with staff, board members, and other community leaders in which they discussed our programs, assessing the needs in the community, and how our programs aim to help people achieve self-sufficiency in our community. Shortly after becoming involved with the Program Committee, Amy joined our Families Forward Board  where she  served as the Chair of the Fund Development Committee. Her role required a strong skill set in fundraising, event planning, and community outreach for Families Forward. When Amy completed her Board term with us, she continued to be a strong advocate of Families Forward. In 2010, she began volunteering on a regular basis at the front desk answering phones, sharing resources and information about Families Forward, registering clients for our programs, filling out housing intakes, and much more. The front desk volunteers  have many responsibilities and are crucial to the work of Families Forward. They provide a listening ear and  are a source of comfort and support for our clients.

For the past two years, Amy has assumed the role of assisting our staff with maintaining our client hard copy files, performing data entry, and assisting staff with other special projects. The crucial work that she does takes a large work load off of our Families Forward staff and enables staff members to focus on other tasks. Amy is eager to learn and undertake new tasks and responsibilities, which we greatly appreciate. Amy volunteers at Families Forward for at least 10 hours every week. She is extremely committed to Families Forward and the work that she does with our organization. She even plans her traveling trips around her volunteer work at Families Forward! It takes a very giving person to volunteer behind the scenes and assist our staff. More than her attention-to-detail and strong work ethic, we greatly value her compassion for our clients and her understanding of our mission and our organization’s values. She is without a doubt, a volunteer who is worthy of this award. We don’t know where we would be today without Amy!

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4 thoughts on “Honoree 2014 – Amy Spencer

  1. Congratulations Amy! We are so happy to honor and celebrate you and your hard work! Thank you for your dedication to Families Forward!

  2. A million times Thank You Amy for all of your hard work and dedication to Families Forward. Congratulations!!

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