Honoree 2014 – Beth Watson

Congrats to Beth Watson for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Watson_BethName:  Beth Watson

Nominating Organization:   Project Cuddle   

Honoree Category:  Human & Community

Why Nominated:  Beth has volunteered with Project Cuddle one day a week for a year and a half. While she have done whatever was needed in the office to help out, her main focus has been to streamline the application process for families being considered as candidates for adoption and compile the procedures into a manual. The goal was to develop a reliable, efficient system that volunteers could follow with minimal oversight from staff, but each contact with a Rescue Family during this process provides an opportunity to encourage them in what is often a long and disheartening wait for a baby. Keeping Rescue Family paperwork organized and up-to-date is now a simple task, but it ensures that a Birthmother has the best chance of finding a family to fulfill the unique dreams she has for her baby. She has always gone the extra mile and although she has mental, visual and hearing disabilities, she is a true asset to our organization!  Her attention to detail and integrity in every single task is beyond words. She appreciates being a part of Project Cuddle and helping make a difference in the lives of babies, Birthmothers and Rescue Families across the country, and she am deeply admiring of the dedicated staff and volunteers who put in hours and hours of their time toward preventing baby abandonment.

Please write a note of congratulations below!


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