2014 Giving is Living Nonprofit / Corporate Volunteer Partnership Award

Congrats to Habitat for Humanity of Orange County and the Home Depot for being the 2014 Giving is Living Award winner!

Veterans Sign

Winning Nomination:

When the Neighborhood Revitalization program began in 2012, The Home Depot supported the first five homes with a $50,000 grant and the commitment of employee volunteers. The following year, The Home Depot provided a grant of $300,000 through its company foundation and again committed to have The Home Depot employees provide volunteer assistance. This grant supported the rehab of 25 additional veterans’ homes. As of the end of 2013, 17 of those homes have been completed and we are on target to complete the remaining 8 homes by June 2014, making a total of 30 veteran homes renovated between September 2012 and June 2014. This partnership has provided The Home Depot with opportunities to move closer to achieving their five year goal of funding and volunteer help for veterans’ housing needs. It has provided Habitat OC with opportunities to expand the number of families served by giving “a hand up” to veteran families that have no other resource for this type of assistance.

Both The Home Depot and Habitat OC are committed to serving those who have served our country. Each organization brings complementary resources, skills and expertise to address the challenges veterans encounter trying to ensure their home is safe and secure. Each organization is able to capitalize on their strengths and not “reinvent the wheel” by trying to build skills and expertise that already exist.

Habitat OC is responsible for outreach activities, identifying and qualifying potential veterans, determining the scope of work needed to repair or refurbish the home, prepping the work site for volunteer activities, and providing onsite project management. Habitat OC has committed to undertaking two repair projects per month and creating a volunteer day for 19 of the 25 home repair projects.

The Home Depot Regional Representative selects 15-30 volunteers for each repair project from its pool of employees. The Home Depot employee volunteers often have construction, landscaping, plumbing and other skills invaluable for completing Veterans Build repairs on a veteran’s home. These skills are used to undertake roof replacement, bathroom and bedroom renovations, alterations for handicap accessibility, interior and exterior painting, hardscaping, landscaping, and other tasks needed to support the veteran homeowner. These individuals are given information on the repairs to be completed, the address, and a short biography of the veteran homeowner they will be serving. Then they work a full day to complete the repairs. Habitat OC provides the necessary tools along with onsite supervision and instruction.

The scale and scope of the repair projects has been made possible by the generous and sustained funding provided by The Home Depot Foundation. The sustained funding has allowed Habitat OC to plan and execute a large number of repairs to serve veteran families in need, eliminating the need to fundraise for each project before undertaking the work. This program is readily replicable in any location where an organization with construction skills can partner with a business that wants to contribute to their community through financial and volunteer support.

Both Habitat OC and The Home Depot have learned a great deal in successfully undertaking home repairs. Success is measured by the number of veterans served, but also in terms of workmanship, client expectations, and the ability to stay within the financial scope of each project. The first 5 home repairs were within budget and were completed on a single day to commemorate The Home Depot’s Celebration of Service. The current phase of 25 repair projects are also meeting or exceeding client expectations and are under budget.

OneOC is proud to honor such an outstanding partnership and we look forward to presenting Home Depot & Habitat OC with the 2014 Giving is Living Award at the Luncheon on April 9th.

Click here to visit the Home Depot Foundation website.

Click here to visit Habitat for Humanity Orange County’s website.

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One thought on “2014 Giving is Living Nonprofit / Corporate Volunteer Partnership Award

  1. Congratulations, Habitat for Humanity OC and Home Depot on your Giving is Living Award! What an inspiring partnership you have formed for a wonderful cause! Looking forward to celebrating both of your organizations at the Spirit of Volunteerism Awards!

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