Honoree 2014 – Dan Biederman

Congrats to Dan Biederman for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Biederman_DanName:  Dan Biederman

Nominating Organization:  Huntington Beach Police Department

Honoree Category:  Law Enforcement

Why Nominated:  Dan Biederman has been a member of the HB Neighborhood Watch Newsletter Assembly group for over 15 years.  During this time he has always been very dedicated and loyal to the program.  Dan and his wife arrive early bring friends along to assist and don’t leave until the work is done.  As a member of the HB Neighborhood Watch Newsletter Assembly he assists to collate and prepare over 13,000 newsletters monthly, rain or shine.  Dan always tries to think of new way to help us complete the work in a timely manner, and encourages other to get involved.  We are glad he is a member of our team.


Please write a note of congratulations below!

5 thoughts on “Honoree 2014 – Dan Biederman

  1. Congratulations Dan, You have assisted this program for so many years, and continue to go out of your way to get other people involved, which keeps the wheels spinning . It is greatly appreciate by everyone. Thanks for your support and dedication in helping to bring crime prevention and safety information to everyone in this Community.

  2. Congratulation Dan…I wouldn’t be the same without seeing you at the assembly of the HB Neighborhood Watch Newsletter. Job well done for these years.

  3. Dan, congratulations on your nomination! Your services to the community are appreciated by many. Thank you for your services!

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