Honoree 2014 – Devon Williamson

Congrats to Devon Williamson for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Williamson_DevonName:  Devon Williamson

Nominating Organization:  Grandma’s House of Hope

Honoree Category:  Human & Community

Why Nominated:  Devon has been an intern with Grandma’s House of Hope from November 2012-February 2014; she remains a current volunteer as needed.

During the past year, Devon helped our clients in our women’s shelters, and residents of a low-income motel we serve in north Orange County.  Her role was to mentor our clients in their workforce development: teach them how to search for jobs, prepare resumes, practice and plan for job interviews, update computer skills, and develop other workplace-readiness skills.

Devon is both a leader and a team player. She mentored our clients and trains other interns.  Devon loves to figure out people’s needs, and find resources to help them. She’s very thorough, flexible, a great listener and follows direction well.

Devon is very capable and reliable in working on special, ever-changing projects with a great attitude.  Devon knows when to lead, and when to step back and let others shine (and help them do so if needed).  She’s very cognizant of common mission.  She is mindful that if everyone is working toward common mission (and focused on that), through listening, playing each person’s strengths, dedication and passion, the team will get the project done.

Devon is very thorough and detail-oriented. She thinks needs through, and is strong on following up on tracking progress and success. Our clients look forward to working with her directly, and her gifts of time and compassion she brings.  We wish her much success in her endeavors!

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