Honoree 2014 – Eugene Blum

Congrats to Eugene Blum for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Blum_EugeneName:  Eugene Blum

Nominating Organization:  OneOC

Honoree Category:  Law Enforcement

Why Nominated:  Eugene Blum has been a member with RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program)since the fall of 2006, currently serving with the Buena Park Police Department. Since that time he has provided over 1800 hours and has been honored annually through receiving the “Presidential Service Awards” since 2007. Additionally, after a change in leadership and almost a year, Mr. Blum stepped up to reengage their volunteers with the RSVP program and began reporting hours once again.  Not only did he take on the responsibility of coordinating on behalf of the station, but also worked along side OneOC to make sure all 19 of his volunteers not only completed their applications but had accurate hours on file with OneOC. As a result for the year of 2013, the RSVP program will once again be honoring 14 volunteers with Presidential Service Awards, serving at least 100 hours each. In 2013 the station reported 3,945 hours of volunteer service in support for the community of Buena Park.  Without the dedication and support from Mr. Blum, those volunteers would have not been recognized.

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