Honoree 2014 – Marnee Farley

Congrats to Marnee Farley for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Farley_MarneeName:  Marnee Farley

Nominating Organization:  THINK Together

Honoree Category:  Education

Why Nominated:  THINK Together would like to recognize Marnee Farley, who is part of National Charity League.  The National Charity League is a philanthropic organization made up of 10th grade girls and their mothers. Marnee is their Philantropy Chair this year and has been really great at planning events for students and supporting our community learning centers with any supplies. This past fall, we were informed that our previous donor for Thanksgiving dinners was disbanded, this news was given to us approximately a month before Thanksgiving day. We were able to reach out to Marnee, she reached out to her organization and told them about the Thanksgiving tradition here at THINK Together’s Shalimar Learning and Teen Centers. Marnee was able to match 100 turkeys for 100 families. All this was possible because she took this straight to her board and explained the situation; which was then given approval and immediate action was taken. We’d like to add that all this was done in less than a month. She never told us “no”, she told us to wait and she would figure it all out. It’s not only Marnee, but everybody at National Charity League who exudes excitement when arranging parties and shopping sprees for our students at Shalimar. As the year goes along, she informs us of upcoming events that her organization is planning. This past year alone they have hosted a Back to School party, a “shopping spree” at the NCL thrift store, Christmas party, and of course, let’s not forget, the Thanksgiving dinners for families. The organization has also begun to hold their meetings at Shalimar in order to make the bond stronger and more meaningful. We do not know what Shalimar would do without them and for them we are grateful.

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