Honoree Team 2014 – Laguna Coast Wilderness Park – Wildlife Camera Team

Congrats to Laguna Coast Wilderness Park – Wildlife Camera Team for being honored as an outstanding community volunteers!

TEAM_Laguna Coast Wilderness Park - Wildlife Camera TeamTeam Name:  Laguna Coast Wilderness Park – Wildlife Camera Team 

Team Members:  Laura Cohen, John Adamson, Dave Baden, Michael Cramer, Warren Haines, Pete Height, Kevin Herbinson, Robert Kerman, Robert Polfer, and Greg Wall

Nominating Organization:  OC Parks

Honoree Category:  Animals & Environment

Why Nominated:  Together as a team and with the supervision of Laguna Coast Wilderness Park Resource Specialist Laura Cohen, the volunteers have developed the Wildlife Camera Project from its beginnings. The work involves many hours in the field tending to the cameras, at home evaluating the data, and in the office recording activities and data. ~Gigi Logan, Laguna Canyon Foundation Volunteer Manager

The wildlife camera team helps monitor not only the presence of park wildlife, but the way the animals use corridors that were designed to help wildlife move safely under the roads that divide the park into smaller pieces.  The wildlife camera team is also working to discover how mule deer move within the park.  Through the work of the wildlife camera team, staff also discovers how people are using the park.  Cameras alert us to people who are in the park after and before hours and those who are bringing domestic dogs into sensitive wildlife areas.  Without the wildlife camera team, we would have no way to gain this information.  We have been able to use data gained through the wildlife camera project to show the impact of dogs and off-hours use of the park.  Visitors have changed their behavior as a result of the camera data and we have been able to meet and speak with visitors who violate park rules. ~ Laura Cohen, Laguna Coast Wilderness Park
Resource Specialist

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