Honoree Team 2014 – VITAS Hospice – Orange County

Congrats to VITAS Hospice – Orange County for being honored as an outstanding community volunteers!

TEAM_VITASTeam Name:  VITAS Hospice – Orange County

Team Members:  Megan Julienne and Sherrie Montgomery

Nominating Organization:  Acacia Adult Day Services

Honoree Category:  Health

Why Nominated:  Those who love to garden know what a therapeutic activity it can be, working the soil, planting seeds, watering and ultimately growing something to be enjoyed.  What a tremendous gift Megan Julienne and Sherrie Montgomery have bestowed upon Acacia Adult Day Services.  Both ladies work for VITAS Hospice in Orange County.  Sherrie, Director of Marketing Development and Megan, Community Liaison, stopped by for a tour and spotted Acacia’s participant garden.  Having her own organic garden, Megan recognized an opportunity to help. Both she and Sherrie offered their services to adopt our garden and provide a very special weekly activity to the participants in our dementia care program.  They started volunteering in November 2013 and every Wednesday morning they are here with their green thumbs and planned activity for the week.  The garden in raised planter beds is now growing cabbage, radishes, rhubarb, mint, oregano, basil, kale and the list goes on.  The participants especially love the cooking and tasting activities that have included Bruschetta topped with seasoned kale, fresh kale chips and pasta with homemade pesto which was a favorite.  Megan and Sherrie provide all the supplies, including plants, flowers, and vegetables needed for the garden activities and call this their favorite part of the week.  The medical director of Vitas, Dr. Chalat Rajarm even joined in, writing a poem named “For the Gardeners at Acacia” that he presented to the participants. They are definitely providing a gift that keeps growing and giving.  We are so proud and privileged to have this wonderful community partnership with Vitas Hospice.

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10 thoughts on “Honoree Team 2014 – VITAS Hospice – Orange County

  1. Thank you Megan, Sherrie and VITAS Hospice for taking Acacia’s participant gardening class under your wings. The participants and garden are thriving with your love and care.

  2. Sherrie and Megan,
    You brighten the faces of your participants everytime you arrive to work in the garden. Thank you for your time, talent and treasures. I thank Vitas for allowing you this opportunity for volunteerism!

  3. Thank you Megan & Sherrie,
    You deserve this honor and we appreciate you. You bring much to our program at Acacia Adult Day Services.

  4. Thank you, Megan and Sherrie, for our beautiful and tasty garden. Congratulations on this well-deserved honor!

  5. Megan & Sherrie congratulations on this honor. You both have come into our center with such a passion to give back it’s contagious. Thank you for all your hard work and thoughtfulness towards our participants. Our Vegetable garden has never looked better good job! You guys are the best!

  6. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful recipes with our participants! It’s been great having you two here with us! Congrats!

  7. Megan and Sherrie, its been such an honor and pleasure working with you two. The gardening project you have put forth has brought so much joy to Acacia! Our participants truly look forward to your visit every week! Thank you for your time, effort, dedication and most importantly, your passion to give back to this community.

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