Honoree Team 2014 – YAS Tuesday Team

Congrats to YAS Tuesday Team for being honored as an outstanding community volunteers!

TEAM_YAS Tuesday TeamTeam Name:  YAS Tuesday Team

Team Members:  Jerry  Saldivar, Marion Conte, Marge Moniz, Hodge Moore, Albert  Guerra, Jeff Barker, Caleb  Hensley, Mr.  Nygun, Mrs. Nygun, Rosie Crois, Bryan Crois, Steve Chen, Wendy Chen, Maggie

Nominating Organization:  You Are Special Food Pantry and Outreach

Honoree Category:  Human & Community

Why Nominated:  My husband has been battling stage 4 cancer, malignant melanoma to the bones, brain, liver, pancreas, and now the lungs. This team has been there to support me through these difficult last 18 months of chemo, hospital visits, surgeries and sicknesses. They are there every week making sure everything is in place for the actual pantry food give out that we have on Wednesday’s. They are there for fundraisers, stay late, clean the refrigerators, clean the floors, help repair things, show up very early for the food line and pass out bags on the Wednesday too. My husband Eric has been the greatest volunteer. While I was working on this building this program, even when very sick, he would show up and set up the line and talk to those clients that showed up at 5am. He has mopped floors, repaired items, unloaded trucks, driven when our drivers were out. You name it, he does it. I want to sincerely thank this team for the over and above work they do without any compensation but truly to give out a cup of cold water. I would love to recognize them and their hard work or we would not exist.

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