Honoree 2015 – Bob White

Congrats to Bob White for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Name:  Bob White

Nominating Organization:  Patriots and Paws

Honoree Category:  Human and Community

Why Nominated:  “Bob came to us and offered his time and treasures wanting to give back to those Veterans we serve. Bob himself is both a Marine and Army Veteran. Part of his treasures is the gift of IT in his career he works in the IT world. He has come in and wired us for our offices, he along with another Veteran work on incoming computers refurbishing them so we can send them back out to the Veterans, Active Duty and Reservist we serve.

In addition to this, he also offers his muscles and strength and works with us helping with pick ups of our donations and in the warehouse organizing our items. What makes Bob so deserving is Bob travels A LOT or his job and is away from his family and he still finds time to come and help us out.

When ever we need something and there is a chance Bob can help out he does. There have been numerous times when Bob has brought his son so they can have a shared experience and his son can learn about volunteering.”

Please write a note of congratulations below!


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