Honoree 2015 – Eddie Bielma

Congrats to Eddie Bielma for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Name:  Eddie Bielma

Nominating Organization:  OCCR, OC Parks/Operation Support

Honoree Category:  Animals & Environment

Why Nominated:  “Since June 2013, Ranger Reserve Eddie Bielma has dedicated more than 550 hours of service. Eddie currently serves as the president of OC Parks’ Ranger Reserve Program. In 2014 the secretary resigned from the program and Eddie stepped up to replace her for the rest of the term.

Eddie is always ready to serve the community and has demonstrated excellent customer service at OC Parks. His knowledge of park operations and OCCO advisements is demonstrated with positive interactions. He effectively educates the park visitors all while gaining compliance. He is diversified in his skills and abilities to handle various situations and participates in many OC Parks public programs. He is self-motivated and works independently as well as in a team environment and is always reliable. Rangers can give him any task and know it will be completed in a timely and professional manner. Eddie is a great asset to OC Parks and the Ranger Reserve Program.”

Please write a note of congratulations below!


7 thoughts on “Honoree 2015 – Eddie Bielma

  1. Proud of you Eddie!
    What a nice way of showing appreciation for your hard work.
    Happy for you!
    Congrats from
    Your Tio Mario and Tia Grace

  2. Woohoo! Congratulations Babe! You’ve put a lot of time and energy into your volunteer work so you deserve some recognition. It’s good to see you doing something you love; plus you look sooo handsome in your uniform!

  3. Hi Eddie,

    Thank you for all your work and dedication in volunteering for OC Parks! I am happy to see you getting some well-deserved recognition!

    Jennifer Naegele
    OC Parks

  4. Hello Eddie,

    I appreciate for your hard work in setting up/closing down our OC Parks booth and your professionalism while fielding public inquiries during OCTA’s Coyote Creek Bike Day event back on March 29th. Congrats on your well-deserved recognition and I fully endorse any present/future endeavors you may have with joining our organization.

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