Honoree 2015 – Mohammad Jaffrey

Congrats to Mohammad Jaffrey for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Name:  Mohammad Jaffrey

Nominating Organization:  Disneyland Resort

Honoree Category:  Corporate

Why Nominated:  Mohammad is already a shining star in his community and around the Disneyland Resort so it’s hard to imagine he could find a better version of himself, but he did. He made an instant connection with everyone on the project [a Disney VoluntEARS global service project in Equador] from fellow volunteers, to our guides and staff, and even the community members themselves. When the group was told the community wanted to paint a mural on a new classroom, we were asked who was artistic and wanted to take this important project on. A few of us hesitantly raised our hands but Mohammad, as confident as ever got out a pen and notepad and said “I can do it.” He met with the school children and members of the community and made sure every detail of the mural wasn’t his, but theirs. Mohammad made the mural happen but the children were the inspiration. Within three days, Mohammad sketched and painted the mural on the side of the new schoolroom. The highlight of the mural was the connection the school children, community members, and voluntears has as we all helped put our personal mark on the mural in the form of our handprints. The mural was a success that will remind the community and future visitors of this wonderful service project. At the end of the trip we were all sad to leave but Mohammad was affected on a deeper level and as we stood in line at the airport in Coca to go back to Quito Mohammad started crying. That’s when I knew Mohammad was leaving a little bigger piece of his heart along the Rio Napo than the rest of us.

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