Honoree 2015 – Robin O’Shea

Congrats to Robin O’Shea for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Name:  Robin O’Shea

Nominating Organization:  Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County

Honoree Category:  Human & Community

Why Nominated:  Big Sister Robin O’Shea and Little Sister Andrea have been matched with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County since July 22, 2009. Over the past 5 years, Robin and Andrea have been exposed to various personal challenges and hurdles, which both ladies have learned to overcome with the support of one another. Andrea’s mother felt this would be a good place for Andrea to be inspired to make positive changes in her young life and receive guidance.

Robin joined the program with healthy expectations that it might take some time for her new Little Sister to warm up to her, but overall did not have any fixed expectations of what her experience would be like. Robin shared that all she wanted was to give back to the community and impact a child’s life.

Andrea’s mother has always been interested in helping her daughter become a more stable, responsible, and mature girl. Robin has displayed great patience & grace accepting of the requests Andrea’s mother has made of her over the years and takes the extra step to ensure Andrea’s mother feels supported as well by following through with outing requests, phone calls, meetings, and extra contact calls with BBBS agency staff.

Since the initiation of this match, Robin has moved from Irvine to San Diego, meets the demands of her occupation as an attorney, and travels back & forth to the East Coast to see her mom, who was recently diagnosis with stage 3 cancer. When Robin communicated this tragic news about her mother’s health to the agency, she provided nothing short of amazing reassurance that she was committed to remaining in Andrea’s life despite her upcoming bicoastal travels that were sure to become a regular “”commute”” for her. In the midst of dealing with this heartbreaking news, Robin made it a priority to contact her Little Sister Andrea and the agency regularly and reassured Andrea that their match would continue during this season of life. Robin has continued to make all efforts possible to remain consistent, present, and supportive of Andrea.

Selflessness and heart are two words that adequately describe the amazing person Robin is. Currently, Robin is helping Andrea cope with her parent’s recent divorce and is supporting her efforts to explore higher education as Andrea is set to graduate high school in 2015. Robin continues to be a rock and shoulder to lean of for her Little Sister as Andrea’s mother has left the home for a few month to figure out what the changes in her household will look like with the pending divorce. Andrea knows that she can count on Robin for encouragement with maintaining her school responsibilities and chores around the house while navigating this very huge family transition. Andrea has decided to attend a local community college and work part-time in order stay close to home and help her family economically at this time. Yet, Robin does not lose hope that Andrea will finish her community college education and proceed to attend a four year university as Andrea’s dreams of obtaining a college degree and belief in herself continue to blossom with every passing year with Robin’s support.

Big Sister Robin and Little Sister Andrea have navigated many life changes together and walked through many seasons side by side. With Robin’s belief in Andrea and continued provision of support, Andrea is thriving as a young adult, volunteering to read to children, and taking Advanced Placement classes at her high school. Andrea and Robin are both excited and looking forward to graduation and are certain their friendship will surpass the agency. We joyfully nominate Big Sister Robin O’Shea for the BIG impact she has had on Andrea’s life!

Please write a note of congratulations below!

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