Honoree 2015 – Virginia DePaola

Congrats to Virginia DePaola for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Name:  Virginia DePaola

Nominating Organization:  Wells Fargo Dealer Services

Honoree Category:  Human & Community

Why Nominated:  Virginia devotes over 400 hours each year to non local nonprofits. In 2014, Virginia holds several committee leader positions at Wells Fargo including; Orange County Volunteer Chapter Officer, Philanthropy Committee chair, Irvine Team Member Charitable Giving Coordinator. And all this is in addition to her full time analyst position in Wells Fargo Finance.

Virginia organized, ran and volunteered at approx. 85 events in 2014 for Special Olympics, Grandmas house of Hope, Nana’s Kids, CHOC, American Red Cross, Ronald McDonald House, Knights of Columbus, CASA-OC, Food Banks and Soup Kitchens just to name a few.

Virginia also is a board member for Grandma’s House of Hope and a council member for OneOC’s Corporate Volunteer Council of Orange County which is helping to bring Wells Fargo Volunteers to Nana’s Kids and Grandma’s House and many other volunteer events in Orange County.

Virginia has a generous spirit. Her tireless energy is inspiring to her team members and to the organizations who she works with. Please help me honor Virginia DePaola for all her hard work and generosity.”

Nominating Organization:  CAPOC’s OC Food Bank

Honoree Category:  Human & Community

Why Nominated:  She is a positive and motivational leader of more than 350 fellow employees for the annual National Family Volunteer Day at the OC Food Bank. She motivates the volunteers throughout the day as they come and pack food boxes during their 2 hour shifts. They can count on her, and we can count on the Wells Fargo team.

Nominating Organization:  Grandma’s House of Hope

Honoree Category:  Corporate

Why Nominated:  Grandma’s House of Hope is incredibly thankful for the support of Virginia DePaola. Over the past year, Virginia has demonstrated her support of Grandma’s House of Hope in a large variety of ways, and in many different roles. Virginia has been a member of our Grandma’s House of Hope Board of Directors for nearly three years. In addition to participating on the board, she also used her creative talents to help feed her fellow board members during our weekend board retreat. Additionally, she hand-made over 100 pieces of jewelry that she sold on Wells Fargo’s Community Support Auction, where all proceeds were donated to Grandma’s House of Hope. In 2014, she played a key role in leading a team of many Wells Fargo volunteers to support the work of Grandma’s House of Hope by participating in our Nana’s Kidz food packing opportunity twice a year, as well as our Safe Harvest event, a Halloween alternative event for the children in Anaheim. Virginia has dedicated over 200 hours to Grandma’s House of Hope and Nana’s Kidz in this past year, and has been instrumental in bringing over $10,000 in donations from her Wells Fargo team members, as well as holding food drives for our Nana’s Kids program by leading fundraising opportunities in our support. She also works with the Wells Fargo Foundation on additional grants and sponsorships that have been awarded to us.

Her support of Grandma’s House of Hope and of Je’net Kreitner, our director, is amazing. Over the past two years, Virginia has nominated Je’net for the Irvine Foundation Award, attended the Founder of the Year Awards in 2014 in support of Je’net, has attended Je’net’s Fieldstone Foundation sabbatical site tour to Grandma’s House of Hope, and gave support of Je’net’s candidacy for the award, and also played a role in nominating Grandma’s House of Hope for the Charity of Choice award in 2014. These events helped bring recognition and additional support to Grandma’s House of Hope, which allows us to continue in our mission. Virginia has supported both Je’net and the mission of Grandma’s House of Hope at every touch point since 2008. She has shown her unwavering support of Grandma’s House of Hope through her spirit of volunteerism, in-kind giving, monetary giving, guidance, support, and using her professional skills to help grow our nonprofit and our programs to help our women, children and families in need. She has given her full heart, talent, and support of what we do, and we are thankful for the opportunity to serve with her.

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