Honoree 2015 – Carlos Lopez

Congrats to Carlos Lopez for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Name:  Carlos Lopez

Nominating Organization:  THINK Together

Honoree Category:  Education

Why Nominated:  Carlos Lopez, was a former THINK Together student at Fairhaven Elementary and now is a sophomore student at Orange High volunteering everyday afterschool at Fairhaven Elementary. We are proud to say that we have known Carlos Lopez since he was a 6th grader in the after-school program at Fairhaven Elementary and now we know him as “Mr. Carlos” our THINK volunteer. Mr. Carlos has been faced with a tremendous amount of challenges during his last year at Fairhaven Elementary, but he was eager to face each challenge head on and he has been open about sharing his experiences with our current students here at Fairhaven Elementary. He has found purpose in ensuring that all our students feel a sense of belonging and that there is no challenge that cannot be conquered, from homework help to home life, Mr. Carlos has been an inspirational volunteer at Fairhaven Elementary.

Mr. Carlos has gone “above and beyond” in building relationships with all stake holders: Parents, Program staff, and most importantly our students, from our youngest transitional kindergartners to our graduating 6th grade class. He has made it his mission to get to know our students on their level, add fun to our program, and support our students with homework help. His enthusiasm and sense of purpose for our program has built a new feel to program. He has impacted our program by being a real role model to our students. Mr. Carlos is an avid student and an ROTC member with a giant heart. Mr. Carlos has made our students believe in themselves. He has taken his junior high and high school experience and shared it with our students. On some occasions Mr. Carlos comes dressed in his Army uniform and has even taught our students how to march, salute, and keep focus on their agreements.

The results we have seen due to Mr. Carlos joining our Fairhaven Family is that his impact was not only on our students, but we have had testimonies from our parents, teachers, and even principal. Parents have shared their appreciation for the support Mr. Carlos has offered their students, one parent shared that Mr. Carlos made reading fun and supported their students find a love for reading. Teachers that have had Mr. Carlos in their class, have shared that it is rare to have students want to come back to volunteer without receiving any sort of credit or recognition. Carlos has been very dedicated and enthusiastic about volunteering. He has taken coaching and professional development sessions with his Site Coordinator and Program Leaders to continue his professional development with all stakeholders. Carlos’ motivation and excitement for our students’ success is apparent and contagious with our staff and students when they interact. We have a fresh new feel to program which stems from Carlos current connections to our students. Carlos is eager to support all classes and devotes one day a week to each group.

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