Honoree 2015 – Dung Vu

Congrats to Dung Vu for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Name:  Dung Vu

Nominating Organization:  CCCS of Orange County

Honoree Category:  Education

Why Nominated:  Dung Vu has been an education volunteer for Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Orange County for over 3 years. She provides financial literacy classes to our community enriching their knowledge on a wide array of financial topics. Ms. Vu is able to explain financial concepts in an easy to understand manner and uses examples from real life experience. Hence, the audience is able to relate and find her teachings motivational. She receives high remarks from each workshop attendee. It is evident that Ms. Vu enjoys teaching financial literacy and has a passion for educating others. In addition to volunteering at CCCS-OC, Ms Vu also volunteers at several other organizations including the Garden Grove Community Emergency Response Team, SoCal Photography Society, and OC Autism. She is an active member in her alma mater’s California State University Fullerton Alumni Association. When it comes to giving back to her community, Dung Vu goes above and beyond. It has been a pleasure having Ms. Vu as a volunteer. Her volunteer time at CCCS-OC has been a valuable asset.

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2 thoughts on “Honoree 2015 – Dung Vu

  1. Dung is a very dedicated volunteer. She deserves the recognition for her outstanding community service, especially with our families affected by Autism and related disabilities. It has been and continues to be honored to work along side an amazing woman.

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