Honoree 2015 – Elizabeth Blum

Congrats to Elizabeth Blum for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Name:  Elizabeth Blum

Nominating Organization:  Tiyya

Honoree Category:  Education

Why Nominated:  Liz came on board as a volunteer English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor in October 2014. Since then, she has coordinated our adult ESL courses every Monday-Thursday. The class’s understanding and comprehension of the English language has grown tremendously under her leadership. Liz ensures that each student does not fall behind and feels supported in their learning. They all respect and value her as a teacher and friend.

She also went above and beyond volunteer expectations by assisting in Tiyya’s refugee youth soccer program as a coach. Her contributions to our seasonal soccer program have been invaluable, as she assisted in driving youth participants and setting up activities. During our soccer season, she volunteered five days a week without complaint or hesitation.

Liz dedicates much of her time to helping Tiyya grow and expand our program services. She took the lead on planning our annual Soccer Tournament and Family Day, coordinating with other volunteers to create a Soccer Committee and fundraise so that our soccer program can continue to thrive.

In addition to teaching our ESL class and heading the Soccer Committee, Liz sits on Tiyya’s Advisory Council, helping create structure to strengthen relationships with donors and volunteers. Liz has taken initiative in every role she has played in Tiyya’s development.

She has been an invaluable part of the Tiyya community because of her engagement with peers, program participants, and staff members. She cares deeply about her ESL students and the youth she works with at our soccer camps. As a volunteer, Liz has committed herself to providing care and compassion for each and every person she encounters. We are so appreciative of all her hard work and believe that she truly embodies the spirit of volunteerism.

Please write a note of congratulations below!


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