Honoree 2015 – Awbrea Moss

Congrats to Awbrea Moss for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Name:  Awbrea Moss

Nominating Organization:  OC Parks

Honoree Category:  Animals & Environment

Why Nominated:  Awbrea started volunteering with the OC Zoo in April 2014, and has since donated over 200 hours to assisting our animal keepers. Awbrea often volunteers once or twice a week. She has a very busy schedule of full time college classes, but in her “”free”” time volunteers at three different animal facilities. Awbrea comes to the zoo with a positive attitude, beaming smile, and wonderful ideas for the animals. She tries to incorporate the best ideas she’s learned volunteering elsewhere into all of her duties at the zoo. Her daily duties include everything from scrubbing and cleaning animal holding areas, preparing food for the animals, and washing dishes, to interacting with the public during animal presentations, and making enrichment toys for the animals. She takes pride in every task she is assigned; no matter how big or small. She has an incredible passion for animals that shows through in all of her work and her way of being. She is reliable, trustworthy, and everything anyone could ask for in a volunteer. Her motivation and dedication is what will drive her to achieve her ultimate goal of becoming a zookeeper. Awbrea is an amazing asset to the zoo, and we hope to continue to have the privilege of working with her for a very long time.

Please write a note of congratulations below!


4 thoughts on “Honoree 2015 – Awbrea Moss

  1. Congratulations Awbrea!! Thank you for your willingness to help wherever needed in the zoo. Your positive attitude and hard work is truly appreciated.

  2. Hi Awbrea,

    Congratulations on well-deserved recognition and thank you for all the support your provide animals, visitors and staff at the zoo.

    Jennifer Naegele
    OC Parks

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