Honoree 2015 – Bill Braly

Congrats to Bill Braly for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Name:  Bill Braly

Nominating Organization:  Irvine Ranch Conservancy

Honoree Category:  Animals & Environment

Why Nominated:  While some volunteers focus their efforts on one area of the land, Bill volunteers in every corner of the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks. He may be participating in habitat restoration in Limestone Canyon one day, then helping to guide a hike in Buck Gully the next. Bill also helps the Irvine Ranch Conservancy communications team and helps connect people to the land by promoting awareness of public programs. Bill serves as a Land Steward, Trail Boss and Trail Guide, and he brings a good-natured enthusiasm to each type of activity. Conservancy staff know they can count on Bill to take on any task that will advance our land stewardship goals – whether he’s sitting at a computer, planting cactus, pulling mustard, monitoring a science project area or supporting a hike. The people, plants and animals on the land are all better off with Bill as a volunteer.

Please write a note of congratulations below!


17 thoughts on “Honoree 2015 – Bill Braly

  1. Thank you so much for supporting all of the Conservancy’s efforts, and for helping people get acquainted with activities on the land.

  2. Congratulations Bill! Thank you again for your help on the grass study and everything else you do for the Conservancy.

  3. Congrats Bill! Thank you for your continued support and dedication! We are lucky to have volunteers like you!

  4. Thank you Bill, I really appreciate all the time and energy you’ve put in to our projects in Newport. I consider you my friend and your support means more than you know!

  5. Bill,

    Every month I see your hours and I think it should be double because you are very instrumental in connecting people to the land. Thank you for all your support and assistance on programming.

  6. Bill ,

    Congratulations on this wonderful honor! Thanks for your dedication to the Mission of the Conservancy.

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