Honoree 2015 – Diana Lyon

Congrats to Diana Lyon for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Name:  Diana Lyon

Nominating Organization:  UnitedHealthcare

Honoree Category:  Health

Why Nominated:  When Diana Lyons explains why she is so dedicated to helping Orange County’s homeless women and teens served by the Crop Hunger Walk, you can tell she just wants to help make a difference – even if it’s one person at a time. She believes that if we all do a little something for others, then something larger can be accomplished. Several times throughout the year, Diana brings in speakers from the Crop Hunger Walk to share their mission and stories with her co-workers at UnitedHealthcare. From this moving presentation, Diana encourages her co-workers to take the step to volunteer for this worthy cause. And in fact, she even took a big step and encouraged UnitedHealthcare to become an event sponsor.

Diana tirelessly volunteers because she feels it’s rewarding, saying, “I can’t imagine not doing this.” In fact, she says, “Dozens of her UnitedHealthcare co-workers who have volunteered feel the same way. ” They are moved when they hear from Diana about her rewarding experience volunteering. Her belief in the mission shines through and in turn, others see that and they volunteer, too. When she asks, they say, “Yes!”

One day, Diana and her daughter were getting ready to leave after a day volunteering serving food at a homeless shelter for women and teens. Lunch had already been served. A little girl came up to her daughter and asked if she had any food. Diana went to the kitchen, looked around and made her a sandwich. The little girl ate it quickly. “The little girl was afraid to talk to grown-ups but wasn’t afraid to talk to my daughter,” Diana explained. “To me, it’s making a difference today. That’s all we have. If everybody does something, more can be done.”

Her friends suggest she take a twelve step program to learn how to say no when asked to volunteer. She is such an avid volunteer, she quipped, “If I don’t volunteer and help the community, then who is going to do it? When you see someone’s face when their hungry, and you give them a meal and you actually get to see their smile – its’ something – they are grateful for anything.”

“Diana truly has a passion for helping others and is making a difference in the lives of those served by Crop Hunger Walk,” said Alex Uhm, Chief Operating Officer, for UnitedHealthcare of California, and Executive Director of the UnitedHealthcare of California Employee and Community Engagement Committee.”Her never ending enthusiasm serves as a catalyst that has engaged our associates to join in this worthwhile effort. We thank her for bringing this important need in our community to our attention. Diana is an exceptional employee who graciously gives her time and talent to improve the overall health and well-being of the people in the local community. She is a shining example of UnitedHealthcare’s mission to help people live healthier lives and the Spirit of Volunteerism. Her work is greatly appreciated.

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