Honoree 2015 – Joan Austin-Kaneshiro

Congrats to Joan Austin-Kaneshiro for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Name:  Joan Austin-Kaneshiro

Nominating Organization:  Alzheimer’s Family Services Center

Honoree Category:  Health

Why Nominated:  After working for more than 30 years as a law office administrator, Joan found her calling as a volunteer at Alzheimer’s Family Services Center (AFSC). Joan’s introduction into the world of dementia began in 2007 when her mother began to exhibit signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Unprepared for the journey ahead and wanting the best for her mother, Joan spent countless hours educating herself and learning to speak ‘dementia.’ She shares this special gift with our participants through her compassionate and loving interactions with them. Joan’s volunteer work at AFSC is a tribute to her mother, who passed away in 2012. Through her critical role supporting our administrative team, Joan finds comfort knowing that she is giving back to caregivers who are currently dealing with a memory-impaired loved one.

“Volunteering here is like being part of a family. It’s given me a purpose, a reason to get up in the morning. I never dreamed I could do this, but roles change after a death. I’ve learned that everyone is worth knowing. I’ve learned to listen. There is a feeling of achievement when you are making a difference.”

From securing donations and media coverage to coordinating volunteer activities, Joan’s passion for AFSC is unsurpassed. She is always contemplating new and innovative ways to further the agency’s mission and spread the word about how our life-changing services are impacting one of the most under-served populations in Orange County. Joan redefines the meaning of volunteerism everyday and we couldn’t be more grateful to have her as part of our team.

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11 thoughts on “Honoree 2015 – Joan Austin-Kaneshiro

  1. Everyone thinks the world of Joan. Her talents are numerous but her compassion is even greater. We are blessed at Alzheimer’s Family Services to have her share these with us. Joan takes her volunteer role very seriously and always goes beyond what is expected. She brings humor, joy, attention to detail and an enormous dose of kind-heartedness to our center. Our participants benefit from the gifts that she shares. Congratulations on a well deserved recognition!!

  2. Joan, you have skills that extend beyond the walls of the office that we share. You have a genuine way of relating to people and I’ve seen you make things happen time and time again. I admire your caring and loving spirit especially when communicating with the participants at Alzheimer’s Family Services Center. We are fortunate to have you as part of our team and I am so glad that you are receiving this honor. Congratulations Joan!!

  3. Congratulations Joan! You truly deserve this honor. Thank you so much for all you do. We are so lucky to have you. We really appreciate YOU. 🙂

  4. Congratulations Joan – you so deserve this honour – once you get involved in anything you give it your all. You are such a kind and thoughtful person and one who is always willing to help no matter what the situation. I am so proud to have you as my cousin/ sister/best friend. Sending live from Ireland xoxoxoxoxo

  5. Joan – Congratulations and Thank you! On behalf of the AFSC Board of Directors, we could not meet our mission without inspiring and committed volunteers such as yourself. We truly appreciate all that you do for the Center and for making such a difference in the lives of our Center’s participants and their families. Best Regards – Jim Remick (AFSC Board Chair)

  6. Thank you Joan for all your help! You are truly appreciated beyond words and your positivity, happiness, and kind ways are contagious throughout the office.
    Best Regards,

  7. Joan..
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you do for the center! I can never say enough thank you’s for all the work you do. You have a heart of gold and you truly deserve this honor.

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