Honoree 2015 – Jolie Hales

Congrats to Jolie Hales for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Name:  Jolie Hales

Nominating Organization:  SBGA

Honoree Category:  Corporate

Why Nominated:  
• Volunteer Leadership Committee Chair – Overseeing the entire leadership committee and all volunteer opportunities that resulted in over 1000 volunteer hours directly affecting over 2,000 Orange County residents

• Lead all steering committee meetings covering volunteer strategy of how to give the most, get the most, and get the most people to participate

• Schedule and plan quarterly company volunteer events, and additional company volunteer events & initiatives

• She’s contributed over 120 volunteer hours, in part because she attends every volunteer event,
coordinating and overseeing logistics

• Create company culture around volunteer events – promoting the group mentality of “I’m going!”

• Attend CVCOC meetings on behalf of SBGA – share ideas, gather helpful info, serve on subcommittees

• Meet with Executive Leadership monthly to discuss past & future volunteer events, ideas and strategies

Please write a note of congratulations below!


3 thoughts on “Honoree 2015 – Jolie Hales

  1. Jolie –

    You’ve provided incredible leadership for our volunteer program, driving amazing improvements in how our team serves in the community. You give selflessly – something for which I have great appreciation. Thank you for being such an incredible volunteer! – Nathan

  2. Congratulations Jolie,

    Well deserved and I am very proud to see the groups of people you have been able to rally around these great causes. They seem to get bigger and bigger each year! See you this Saturday at the OC food bank. I hope we destroy our last years numbers.

  3. Congratulations, Jolie! 🙂

    You definitely deserve this recognition as I’ve witnessed the way you can gather a group of people and inspire & motivate them to work together for a good cause. From the way you can hang up hundreds of tiny reminders all the way up the staircase and throughout the hallways to the day of the actual event where you show up early in the morning with so much energy to pump up the crowd…you are truly amazing. I am proud to be part of your team. Looking forward to cheering you on!

    Jennifer Lam

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