Honoree 2015 – Jon Meeker

Congrats to Jon Meeker for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Name:  Jon Meeker

Nominating Organization:  SBGA

Honoree Category:  Corporate

Why Nominated:  
• Project lead for CASA holiday giving – communicated with NPO to sort and work out logistics

• Donated over 20 hours of his own time locating difficult-to-find and last-minute gifts to ensure each child’s wish was granted

• Organized our workforce of over 220 people from ornament selection to gift delivery

• Resulting in 300 Gifts given to abused/neglected children of CASA, SBGA was the largest holiday gift donor to CASA Orange County in 2014

• Participated in the Beach Cleanup and Food Bank Activities

Please write a note of congratulations below!


3 thoughts on “Honoree 2015 – Jon Meeker

  1. Jon –

    You’re a powerhouse of positive energy. The coordination of our holiday adopt-a-family program is one of the toughest to coordinate – but you did an incredible job. Your positive outlook is infectious, and makes working with you at volunteer events a joy. I’m proud to have you on our team – thanks for all you invest as a team member, and for your incredible dedication to volunteerism! – Nathan

  2. Jon-

    Congratulations on being recognized! You are an amazing powerhouse and an inspiration to others. The volunteer work you do has a major impact on our community and those that surround you. Thanks for taking an active role and being a catalyst for change!


  3. Congratulations, Jon!

    First off, I cannot wait to see what kind of dance routine you have in store for us when you receive your award at the event 🙂 You are such a blast to be around, and I cannot imagine any event without you. I’ve seen the way this Company works – we are always the biggest crowd, with the biggest work ethic and the biggest hearts. You are definitely a leader for us and we naturally gravitate towards you. Your energy keeps us going and helps us give more back to our community.

    Thanks, Jon for all you do.
    Jennifer Lam

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