Honoree 2015 – Max & Diane Stites

Congrats to Max & Diane Stites for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Name:  Max & Diane Stites

Nominating Organization:  OC Parks

Honoree Category:  Animals & Environment

Why Nominated:  Max and Diane Stites have been faithful volunteers at Carbon Canyon Regional Park on a weekly basis for the last two years. They have pulled weeds, planted oak trees as well as other native plants, watered the new plants, and trimmed back brush. As volunteers they are invaluable in the work they provide toward keeping Carbon Canyon beautiful. This benefits every visitor who comes to enjoy the facility and the habitat, too. They have not only invested themselves through the time they have given, but have supported the park with a financial donation. Diane regularly takes event flyers to the local schools to give the young people an opportunity to experience the park, and hopefully follow in her footsteps as future volunteers. Max and Diane we thank you!

Please write a note of congratulations below!


2 thoughts on “Honoree 2015 – Max & Diane Stites

  1. Hi Max & Diane! Congratulations on being recognized and nominated for the Spirit of Volunteerism Award by your fellow volunteers. Your enthusiasm and great attitude are infectious and great to be around. The both of you are such a wonderful asset to our park and I want to thank you for your faithfulness and hard work in contributing to help make Carbon Canyon Regional Park the beautiful facility that it is. This also allows the public to benefit from all the time that the two of you have invested, it is deeply appreciated.
    Sincerely, Corinne

  2. Hi Max and Diane,

    Thank you for all the TLC your provide Carbon Canyon to the benefit of the park visitors, staff and habitat. It is sincerely appreciated!

    Jennifer Naegele
    OC Parks

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