Honoree 2015 – Melodee Fahy

Congrats to Melodee Fahy for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Name:  Melodee Fahy

Nominating Organization:  Assistance League of Orange

Honoree Category:  Human & Community

Why Nominated:  Melodee has held a wide range of critical roles within the Assistance League of Orange volunteer structure during her 15 years as a member. She served two separate terms as President and President Nominee, was Treasurer of our organization for 2 1/2 years, has chaired the Electronic Communication Committee since its inception, and is currently 2nd VP Philanthropic Programs, a position which has responsibility for overseeing all of our Chapter’s service programs in the community. She has brought our Chapter along technologically, turning our website into a true resource for members and friends, and converting virtually all of our Chapter communication to electronic form. She publishes our annual directory, maintains our online calendar and archived files, and sends out all of our E-Blasts. These are jobs that would be exceedingly hard to accomplish without her involvement, which makes her the perfect candidate to receive this award. Her dedication to the organization is unparalleled, averaging 750 volunteer hours per year over the past 7 years. She is exactly the kind of volunteer about whom we wonder, “what would we do without her?”

Please write a note of congratulations below!


12 thoughts on “Honoree 2015 – Melodee Fahy

  1. Congratulations, Melodee, on such a well-deserved nomination as Assistance League of Orange’s Spirit of Volunteerism Honoree! The comment of “what would we do without her” is so true. You have served the Orange community and our chapter in such a positive and upbeat way that thank you doesn’t seem to be adequate…but “Thank YOU” for the countless number of jobs, roles and tasks you have taken on for us! Enjoy your “day in the spotlight”, knowing that all your time, effort and energy at Assistance League of Orange has not gone unnoticed. I look forward to offering a “Cheers to You” in person. Char

  2. Congratulations, Melodee! I cannot think of a more deserving person for this award! You truly care about the Assistance League of Orange and the betterment of our community. You are kind, selfless, and always willing to lend a hand. Your positive and enthusiastic attitude makes you a pleasure to be around, you embody the essence of this award. It is difficult for me to adequately express my gratitude to you for your support and guidance during my tenure as President. And, our friendship has been an added bonus! Good luck, Melodee! Jean

  3. I couldn’t think of a person more deserving for this award!!!! Congratulations, Melodee!!! Thank you for the many years of service, from Limelight Editor, Yearbook Editor, Philanthropic Chairman, Treasurer, President Nominee, and President. You are “Assistance League of Orange” in my eyes. Good Luck to a very special person. Beth

  4. Congratulations Melodee!!! You were President of ALO when I joined, and I immediately felt part of the group, partly because you went out of your way to learn my name,took time to greet me at each meeting, and even included me in a general meeting by having me led the Pledge of Allegiance. Now, being on the Board with you I see that your positive attitude,enthusiasm, and willingness to pitch in when help is needed enables AOL to better
    serve the needs of the citizens of the City of Orange.I am also constantly inspired by your technology know how and ability and patience in sharing it.
    You are truly deserving of this honor!

  5. Congratulations Melodee. Thank you for your many years of service to Assistance League of Orange and the community.

  6. Congrats Melodee! Do you know how to say, “No”? I have only heard your response to be, “Yes!” no matter what is asked. Thank you for not only helping the Orange Community but also helping all the members in the Assistance League. I know your time is valuable but you still find time to help individual ALO members learn skills on the computer. A special thank you for saying, “Yes” to me when it came to babysitting my neighbor’s Newfounland dog. The “HUGE” dog issue proves my point that you don’t know how to say, “No”! You are “The Best”!

  7. Congratulations Melodee. You are indeed most deserving of this honor. You are always willing to jump in and make others feel like they can accomplish what they set out to do. ALO is lucky to have you.

  8. Congratulations, Melodee on your nomination!! You truly are the spirit of volunteerism as evidenced by the many years of membership and leadership you have devoted to Assistance League of Orange. You are so valued for your depth and breadth of knowledge about the organization as much as you are valued for your friendly smile and welcoming manner to all who have joined our nonprofit. We are so fortunate to have such a talented and caring person leading us. You are Assistance League!

  9. Congratulations Melodee. Thank you for all that you do for the Assistance League of Orange. You’re an inspiration to all of us.

  10. Congratulations Melodee! What you’ve brought to ALO in the way of leadership, spearheading our IT, participating in every single aspect of our organization, your continued drive and friendly motivation is immeasurable ! Your always cheery little face is also a super-plus! You are most deserving! You represent the best of what ALO stands for!

  11. Congratulations Melodee! You are so very capable in each role you comandeer and what is so very refreshing about serving with you is your wonderful spirit of servanthood and fun. You make each activity you are involved in a joy for those serving with you. Thank you for being such a fine example to me! You are such a fine leader!
    Deanne Hill

  12. Congratulations Melodee! Your nomination is so well deserved. Your efforts improve our community immensely. Thanks for all you do!
    Karen O’Keefe

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