Honoree 2015 – Nadia Olstad

Congrats to Nadia Olstad for being honored as an outstanding community volunteer!

Name:  Nadia Olstad

Nominating Organization:  American Funds

Honoree Category:  Human & Community

Why Nominated:  I wish to nominate Nadia Olstad for the Spirit of Volunteerism Award. For more than 10 years, Nadia has been volunteering her time with the Brea Homebound Seniors and Children’s Bureau.

As a volunteer for the Brea Homebound Seniors, she has delivered meals to seniors in Brea on a weekly basis, as well as, greeting, observing and coordinating the meals for delivery. She has also been instrumental in reporting concerns over seniors at risk. With the Children’s Bureau, Nadia has held many different roles from volunteering, recruiting and coordinating volunteers for the Rubber Ducky Event (now called Clambake), as well as, being a part of the Planning Committee.

She has also helped with procuring items and sponsorships for auctions, and has contributed many ideas toward the continued growth and improvement of the event. I can think of no one more deserving of this award than Nadia Olstad.

Please write a note of congratulations below!


12 thoughts on “Honoree 2015 – Nadia Olstad

  1. Nadia, You continue to be a role model for me and many others in your enthusiasm in helping others. It’s infectious and your ability to rally others to so many nice common causes is incredible. Keep up the great work.

  2. Nadia, I miss volunteering with you!! The list above doesn’t begin to cover all the other organizations you have volunteered with – including Vets First, Friendship Shelter, Families Forward, Legal Aid, Working Wardrobes – I know I am forgetting others. Your heart is very large and I am honored to know you and be able to call you a friend.

  3. Nadia inspires me in her drive for volunteerism. Thank you for introducing me and Randy to WHW! Congratulations on being a 2015 Honoree, well deserved!

  4. Nadia has a huge heart and can’t help others enough. She is a great role model, inspiration and hero to many!

  5. Nadia, congratulations on being a 2015 Honoree! Thank you so much for all you have done not only for the Brea Senior Center and seniors we serve, but to all of the organizations you have contributed to. The time you have dedicated to helping others has truly benefited and improved communities and programs. Well done! This recognition is very well deserved!

  6. Congratulations Nad! I’m surprised you haven’t been given an award before now. You are such a great example to others.

  7. Oh Nadia, I am so proud of you, happy, and excited for you. You are such a deserving honoree, as you continue to lead by example at your workplace and in your community. I do admire your kind heart and caring, giving nature.

  8. Congratulations Nadia!! This is so amazing! I can only imagine how you must feel. I know you do so much for so many different organizations. You love it, it is your passion and your life! So very proud to know you and learn from you. Happy Monday! Thanks for being such a great example to everyone!

  9. An honor well deserved! Congratulations my friend. Thank you for all your time and effort and the rallying spirit in involving me and a lot of others in volunteering to different organizations you are involved with. I am now able to share and recruit friends and family to get involve in all these organizations on a continuing basis. Way to go!!!

  10. Your continuous efforts in helping the people around you and the neighboring communities is simply bar none. This kind of effort is a reflection of a big heart willing to do whatever it takes to make others happy. Congratulations for being you Nadia.

  11. Congratulations to you Nadia on a well deserved honor! You have been an inspiration and role model to me over the years. Way to go!

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